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Introducing “Truck Park America”

DIY Truck Parking Business

DIY Truck Parking Business sounds easy, but it is far from easy building one. The most efficient and effective way to build a successful building is to work with a blueprint made by a team of professional architects. The same is true for building a successful business. Truck Park America is the team of successful Truck Parking Business Architects. Our team has been there and done just that.

Flawless Combination

We have created the perfect combination of individual learning modules to teach the DIY Truck Parking Business in order for our students to learn and then quickly apply the steps. All in order to develop and build their successful DIY Truck Parking business.


Our training program, and the modules that deliver the training for Truck Parking development, are there to ensure that you are always productive in the process of building and learning along the way.


Every single training modules is synchronized to work with every other module and even synch with your preexisting business that you might have.

World-Class Productivity

It does’nt matter how good the contents of any training program is if it does not make you productive. There is a famous saying in business that states “Your only as Good as the Last thing you achieved.” If your not productive in any business, then your competitor is going to be, and soon your efforts will be for nothing.

Fast & Easy to Work

You don’t have Years or Months to sit and learn how to build a successful Truck Parking Business. The DIY Truck Parking Business being quick to implement is what we were thinking of when we built the training modules. You don’t have time to waste.

Creates Results

Our founder, Jym Stitchels, maintains a hard work ethic and if anything he produces does not yield positive actionable results, then it gets destroyed and thrown in the dust bin. You want results and your expecting results.


Our program of training modules include all of the features that the DIY Truck Parking business package promises and delivers in order to achieve success for your time and money.


If you don’t already have an up to date responsive website serving your business, then this module gives you the true nuts and bolts of what you need to do, and how to do it.


The training packed in each of the modules is designed to work with almost every single type of environment and learning habits in order to come out the other side with a highly successful outcome.

Business Elements

In colleges across the nation they are teaching out of date business theroy. You, as a business owner, need practicle knowledge and tools to get things done, not theroy.

Real Advice

Your education is only as good as the team members that are part of developing it. People pay a fortune to go to Harvard because they have real world experienced teachers, Truck Park America’s team have no less than 15 years of hands on experience in addition to education.


We have ensured that each module, and the training that comes with it, contains documents that we have actually found to be usefull and/or neccessary in order for you to achieve the successful outcome of a successful truck parking business.

Free Updates

We have brought together highly experienced people and produced so much great information that you will continue to need. We promise to our students that we will always share information with them, that we find or have developed, to work better and create better results for their businesses.



“When you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to have a pro that has been there and has been successful side stepping the pitfalls.”


Truck Stop Owner, Chicago

“I started looking into this in order to have more time at home and off the road with the property I had and it has worked out incredible for me.”


Owner Operator, M.T.C. Trucking

“We had the land and the demand, just not the knowledge. Jym guided us all the way and we are producing better results today more than ever.”


Property Manager, Columbia Properties

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